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Business Office Pro Legal Contract Templates – An Easy Way To Draft All Sorts of Legal forms
Professionally drafted legal forms and contracts is a need of every organization, no matter what products or services it deals with.
By using Business Office Pro legal contract templates, you can save on a lot of time, money and effort that would be otherwise wasted in creating a legal form from scratch. Although, there are many legal forms available online that might be free of cost, but they cannot be compared with this product.
The disadvantages of using online legal forms and contracts are:
    The legal forms and contracts drafted using an online service might be unfair or unjust, as they will be identical. They might as well look as if favoring a party or the rights of one party over the other. In other words, they are called unconscionable contracts.
    Another type of legal contract templates that you avail online are adhesion contracts. This is a type of contract that requires the signature of the party you are doing business with, without amending any of the terms of the contract. If the party does not sign this contract, it clearly means they are not interested in doing business with you. If you are taking help of an online service while creating a contract, you might just be unaware of this type of contract, and might end up drafting an adhesion contract for your client.
    Many online service providers might offer you outdated contracts, which again pose a problem as you would be then giving your client an out-of-date agreement. This will show that you are unprofessional and callous. This also implies that by using such a form, you might as well be violating certain new laws that have come in place.
    The laws governing various departments or sections vary from state to state. If you use an online service to draft your legal forms, it is quite possible that the template you are using caters to the law of a different state. You could even get into legal trouble by drafting such a form and getting into an agreement with a certain party, based on this form.

To avoid such circumstances, you need to take assistance from Business Office Pro, as it is the perfect solution to your legal forms-creation. The legal contract templates provided in this software are as follows:
    Arbitration and Mediation: Arbitration and Mediation are a form of dispute resolution in which third party acts as a mediator to resolve or settle a dispute between two parties outside the court. In Business Office Pro, you can get all sorts of arbitration and mediation forms, related to every industry type.

    Bill of Sale: A bill of sale is a written legal document drafted by a seller for a purchaser. It contains details on the specific date, locality, and a particular sum of money or other value received. This entitles the purchaser with a lawful possession of the property received by him or her. There are numerous types of bills of sale that you can get in this program.

    Affidavits: An affidavit is a formal statement of fact, signed by the author (also called affiant), and witnessed to the authenticity of the affiant's signature by a taker of oaths such as a notary public. These are used to gather evidence from the witnesses or participants who may not be available to testify in person before a lawful authority like court. In Business Office Pro, you can get all sorts of affidavits and related legal contract templates.

    Waivers and Consents: A waiver is a voluntary abandonment or surrender of a known right or privilege, and a written waiver is also called a disclaimer. A consent refers to the provision of approval, after thoughtful consideration. There are innumerable waivers and consents forms that you can avail in Business Office Pro.

    Releases: Release or legal release is a legal instrument that is required to terminate any liabilities between the releasor and the releasee, and is signed by the releasor. There are innumerable types of releases like release of liability form available in Business Office Pro, for your ease.

    Attorneys: An attorney is a person, who may or may not be a lawyer, but is authorized to act on someone else's behalf in either a business or a personal matter. In Business Office Pro, you can get legal documents related to attorneys, attorney-at-law, attorney-in-fact and attorney-general.

    Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks: Copyright and Patent are a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to the creator of an original work. Trademark is a distinctive insignia or indicator used by an individual, organization, or other legal entity. You can get forms and assignments related to all of these, and more in Business Office Pro.

    Miscellaneous: Apart from these, you will get many other types of legal contract templates in this software. These may include Addendum; Guaranty of Payment for Goods Sold to Another Party Including Future Goods; Asset Information Sheet; Subordination to Stated Amount; Commitment Form Advertising; Subscribers Letter, News Service; Standard Cover Letter in Response to Inquiry and many more.
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Being a proprietor I need all kinds of documents in my business. Business Office Pro has saved me a bundle in legal costs!
Ralph Winslow, CA

Looking up HR documents and certificates took up a lot of my time. Now I have the expert documents from Business Office Pro, I am getting so much more done. Ellen Thorpe, MA

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