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Drafting Incorporation Documents Using Legal Forms Software
What is Incorporation? The use of Legal Forms Software to Draft Incorporation Documents
Incorporation means the forming of a new corporation a legal entity recognized as a person under the law. A corporation may be a non-profit organization, a sports club, or a government of a new city or town. You can create incorporation documents with the use of legal forms software provided by Business Office Pro.

Essential Elements Required to Form a Corporation with the use of Legal forms Software
    Articles of Incorporation: If the founders of a company want to incorporate it, they are required to sign the articles of incorporation. This is a document that mentions the name of the organization formed, its internal management structure, along with the possibility of increasing or reducing its share capital. It also has details stipulating the manner of conducting shareholders' meetings or special provisions for the dissolution or liquidation of the company.

    Certificate of incorporation: This is a legal document that certifies the existence of an organization, and its belonging to a certain jurisdiction or area. The certificate of incorporation includes the name of the organization, its date of inception or registration, address of the registered office, the name of the registered agent of the company and the objects of the organization.

    By-laws: By laws may refer to the internal rules and regulations of a company or an organization. They outline a number of administrative details like the date of the annual shareholders' meetings, who has a right to vote, and the way the shareholders will be notified in the case of an additional special meeting.

    Power of Attorney: Also called a Letter of Attorney, is a written permission or authorization to act on someone else's behalf in private, business or legal matters or affairs. In most cases, the Power of Attorney rests in the hands of the beneficial owner of the company.
In Business Office Pro, you can avail the following types of legal forms software.
Articles of Incorporate-Checklist; Sample Letter regarding Articles of Incorporation-Checklist; Certificate of Incorporation-General Form; Sample Letter regarding Articles of Incorporation-Election of Sub-S Status; Sample Letter for Relocation of Company-Memo Style Incorporation; Sample Letter Regarding Articles of Incorporation-Completion of Minutes; Sample Letter Notifying Client of Incorporation Status; Sample Letter Regarding Copy of Articles of Incorporation; Sample Letter for Articles of Incorporation and Draft Minutes and Bylaws; Sample Letter for Incorporation Documents; Sample Letter for Incorporation of Company; Sample Letter for Draft Copies of Incorporation Materials; Sample Letter for Original Copies of Incorporation Materials; Sample Letter Regarding Articles of Incorporation-Drafts of Minutes.

Business Office Pro legal forms software can provide you with many types of legal forms and incorporation documents. It is also important to know that incorporation laws are different in every state or country, and the incorporation documents need to be created in accordance with the laws. In addition, incorporation laws might change with time, so the change of laws needs to be considered while drafting incorporation documents. Apart from the above-mentioned types of legal and incorporation forms, Business Office Pro legal forms software also provides you with state-specific forms and incorporation documents.
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