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3500+ business documents & Promissory Note Forms
Promissory Note: To record all your loan transactions
The Promissory Notes are required in various financial, business, personal and real estate transactions. It is a legal contract that keeps the record of the loan transactions between two or more parties. This form will save you from legal hassle and issues like fraud.
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Get all Types of Promissory Note Forms
Get all types of Promissory Note forms required for different types of loan transaction between two or more parties. Buy Now!

Sample Promissory Note Forms

Letter of Default on
Promissory Note
Request for Extension
of Time on Promissory Note
Sample Letter for Request for Extension of Time on
Promissory Note
Promissory Note - Balloon Note
Promissory Note Assignment
and Notice of Assignment
Promissory Note -
Payable on Demand

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What is a Promissory Note?
A promissory note is a legal contract that keeps the record details of loan transactions between two or more parties. This note conveys the promise to repay a debt or loan on the terms and conditions agreed by both the lender and borrower. These terms and conditions are included in the contract to make both the parties aware about it. This note is basically considered to be a negotiable instrument.
What All a Promissory Note Includes?
As a promissory note is a legal instrument, it is prepared in written to be enforced. The note contains names of the parties involved; referring to the promisor and the promisee, amount of the obligation, specific terms and conditions laid down by the parties involved, interest rate, amount of loan, maturity date, the terms of payment and more. An acceleration clause can also be included in the promissory note.

Its advised the borrower must read all the terms and conditions mentioned in the note carefully before signing it. He must not just put his signatures on a blank piece of paper as it may lead to fraud. He must make sure that the exact amount of loan is mentioned in the note with the date and schedule of payment and the right to legally transfer the note and obligation to another party, the actual signature line and the place at which the promissory note will be enforced.

You can simply download the form from the internet and read the guidelines to draft the one as per your needs. It will not only save your precious time but also thousands of dollars to be spent on legal procedures. The sample templates for promissory note included in business office pro are prepared by professional legal experts to simplify the legal procedures. So, get the sample promissory note template and draft a legal promissory note without any hassle.
How to Write a Promissory Note?
A promissory note is a simple to create contract whereby the borrower promises to pay the money back to the promisor by a certain date. You can simply download

free promissory note

template to draft a promissory note for your needs. Before preparing the note, carefully read the instructions and guidelines on how to draft the note. All the legal and business documents included in Business office pro are drafted by legal experts to ease the documentation process for you.
What are the Types of Promissory Notes?
There are different types of promissory notes, such as a secured promissory note, unsecured promissory note, demand note, balloon promissory note, and others.

Free Promissory Note Template

Promissory note is a written agreement to pay the debt by a specific date. A free promissory note template is a sample template that helps the user to draft a promissory note without hiring a lawyer. You can download free sample template of promissory note from business office pro to draft the same.
What is a

Secured Promissory Note

A secured promissory note creates an interest in the borrower's property. In case the borrower fails to pay the debt by the pre-specified date, the property the note payable is secured by can be sold by the lender.

What is a Demand Promissory Note?

Demand promissory notes are specific types of notes which are due on the demand of lender and don't mention any specific maturity date. These are simply a written and signed promise to pay back the money on the demand of lender.
What is a Master Promissory Note ?
A master promissory note allows you to use the same promissory note for multiple years. It is basically used for granting student loans. This note form is mainly used by schools and colleges to streamline the process of granting loans to the students.
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