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3500+ business documents & Real Estate Contract Forms

Real Estate Legal Forms:

Make Sale/Purchase of real estate property
Real estate contract forms are required for the sale or purchase of real estate property between the two parties. It's a written contract which covers all the terms and conditions of a real estate contract. A real estate contract must have all the requirements specified by the state law so that it can be enforced.
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and Trademarks
Waivers and
Bill of Sale Attorneys
Get all Types of Real Estate Forms
You can get all types of real estate documents required for the sale and purchase of real estate property. Buy Now!

Power Real Estate Contract Forms

Grant of Easement to Advertise using Outdoor Structures
on Land
Agreement between Adjoining Owners Creating Easement for Common Driveway
Agreement Between Adjoining Landowners to Maintain Fence Partitioning Agriculture Property General Form of Easement Agreement
Contract or Agreement to
Convey Easement for Driveway
Agreement Between Co
Owners for Maintenance and
Repair of Common Easement

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What are

Real Estate Forms

Real estate Forms include detained terms and conditions of a real estate contract. The real estate forms included in business office pro are drafted by professional legal experts and can be customized as per your requirements.
What is a

Real Estate Contract

A real estate contract is a contract between the two parties regarding the sale and purchase of real estate property. These contract forms are required to be in written form to be enforced. These contracts are essential part of the deal and must be drafted properly to avoid any kind of mistakes or confusions in the contract. As these contracts includes the investment of huge amount of money, they are vital to make sure that everything goes right.
Why do I Need a Real Estate Contract?
The real estate contract forms are basically used by the sellers to make the buyers aware about the offer made to him and vice versa. As it's a mutual agreement, both the parties must be agreed to the terms and conditions lay in the contract form.

If you have a written contract for real estate deals, the transactions will be less subject to issues like mistake and fraud. The forms also include the terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties. It makes both the parties aware about what all is included in the contact form.

The real estate enterprises forms must include the identification of both the parties, identification of the real estate property, identification of the purchase price, signatures of both the parties, purpose of the deal, and other crucial things.

You need not hire a legal representative or lawyer to draft real estate forms for the sale and purchase of real estate property. You can easily download a sample form available on internet and prepare a contract as per your requirements. Make sure that you completely evaluate the real estate documents before downloading them.

Business office pro includes a complete range of real estate forms required for different purposes. All these forms are prepared by professional legal experts to make the paper work easy for you. The real estate forms are in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the state authorities. So, download the real estate contract forms free now and easily prepare a real estate contract!
What is a Contract for Deed?
A contract for deed or a land contract is a form of owner financed housing contract. Contract for deed is a legal contract between two parties, the seller and the buyer of real property in which the seller gives financing to buy the property for a pre decided amount and the buyer repays the loan in installments.
What are Easement Forms?
An easement is the right to use the real estate property of another person without possessing it legally. Easement forms are used to draft an agreement for the grant of an easement. The easement forms also describe the extent to which the property will be used. Business office pro includes professionally drafted legal forms for different purposes. You can easily choose the form of your choice and customize it as per your requirements.
What is a Power of Attorney?
Power of attorney is a legal document that allows the principal to appoint another person to act as his agent or attorney-in-fact for real estate transactions related to a particular piece of property.
What is a Construction Lien?
Construction lien help the professionals to protect from the risk of not being paid for services rendered. It is a lien placed on a property by a professional who hasn't been paid for his work on the property.
What is a Lease Agreement?
Lease agreement is a legal agreement between the landlord and tenant of the property to rent out a premise for specific period of time.
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