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Hundreds of business documents at your fingertips! Edit documents easily in Word and even save in Excel and PDF formats. It’s like having an office of experts on your desktop!
Business Report
Requires no comprehensive documentation knowledge in business domains
No comprehensive documentation knowledge required:
  You are not required to have precise documentation knowledge for all business domains or legal expertise to compose even the most complicated documents. Even a novice can use Business Office Pro to quickly compile a business document.
Ready Documents:
  Choose from hundreds of documents prepared by professionals and experts. The documents have been sorted according to document type and category.
Document Fill:
  Filling documents will no longer be a nightmare. With the auto fill function, easily fill
document with a single click.
Professional Quality Documents/ Professionally written documents by experts:
  All the documents have been professionally written by lawyers, consultants and specialized professionals, all documents have been formatted with standard fonts and appearance to help you maintain a professional corporate image. Never lose your time and patience
formatting docs again!
Prompt document search with a single click
Find documents by type:
  Documents have also been segregated as per their type like agreements, bill of sale,
authorizations, certificates, bills, balance sheets, and more.
Search documents by area:
  To make your work easy, documents have also been put under different tasks; here you can get all the required documents under one head. For example, if one is starting a new
business, then all the documents required for starting a business have been collectively put together for your ease.
Easy document search:
  If you are looking for a specific document with some particular keyword, you can perform
a keyword search or view all documents associated with a specific task quickly.
Draft any business document in record time
Ready Document in 3 Easy steps:
  1. Select document according to your requirement, search the document from document category or type and select the appropriate document.
2. Fill information in the document or use "Auto Fill" tool to fill information.
3. Save and Export document in the required format. It doesn’t get quicker than this!
Multiple formats:
  Business Office Pro provides options to export documents in multiple formats like Word, Excel and PDF.
Integrated with MS Office:
  Edit document templates with the widely used Microsoft Office suite. Business Office Pro is compatible with Microsoft Office (2010 and 2007). If you prefer, you can use the built-in Business Office Pro Text Editor.
Append Documents:
  Append Multiple documents to current MS word file. Business Office Pro now helps the user to cut, copy and paste the content from one document to other, thus, making the documentation easy and hassle free!
Get MORE Documents:
  Business Office Pro consists of a huge document resource, but in case you do not find the required document that you are looking for, you can choose from a wide resource provided by our partners.
Get the most powerful and easiest Business Documents Software
Auto Recovery:
  With Auto Recovery feature, you will never lose your work if in case your
computer or software crashes. Business Office Pro automatically saves your documents every minute.
Law Dictionary:
  A law dictionary has been integrated with Business Office Pro for your ease, so that you can refer to it anytime without connecting to the internet.
Legal Q & A :
  Business Office Pro provides you with a collection of legal questions and answers. This will help you to find answers to the frequently asked legal questions which would provide assistance in filling the relevant document.
  Send Documents in Email as an attachment with one click.
Available at a fraction of the cost for expensive legal experts and accountants
  Business Office Pro provides with an optimized, easy-to-use and cost-effective option.
Do-it-yourself software:
  The simplicity of Business Office Pro allows even a novice to create documents easily, thus saving the cost of hiring an expensive legal firm.
Create unlimited documents:
  Make as many documents as you want for your business.
Regular Updates:
  We understand that in today’s global scenario, business is evolving every day. Hence, to catch up with the latest business trends you need to have the latest documents. We are continually adding documents and features to assist our clients succeed in today's business world.
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Being a proprietor I need all kinds of documents in my business. Business Office Pro has saved me a bundle in legal costs!
Ralph Winslow, CA

Looking up HR documents and certificates took up a lot of my time. Now I have the expert documents from Business Office Pro, I am getting so much more done. Ellen Thorpe, MA

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