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Agreements Forms Document Templates– Download Agreements

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Agreement for Accord and Satisfaction of a Disputed Claim
Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Accounts Receivable
Agreement to Modify Promissory Note Secured by a Mortgage
Agreement to Sell and Purchase Customer Accounts
Security Agreement in Accounts and Contract Rights
Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Agreement to Compromise Debt
Charge Account Terms and Conditions
Commission Agreement - General
Simple Consulting Agreement
Consulting Agreement - with Former Shareholder - FIX YEAR
Contract or Agreement with Engineer
Indemnity Agreement for an Event
Subscription Agreement
Advertising and Consulting Services Agreement between Advertising Agency and Client - General Marketing Consultant Agreement
Financial Consulting Agreement
Agreement or Contract Retaining Architect for Consulting Purposes
Agreement by Parties to Rescind an Agreement
Consulting Invoice
Detailed Consultant Invoice
Invoice of Consultant with Blanks to be Filled in for Service and Amount of Charge
General Assignment of Contract Rights with Guaranty
Contractor Quote, Proposal and Contract
Change Order for Construction or Repairs by Contractor
Work or Change Order to Subcontract by Contractor
Certification of Completion by Contractor
Contract for Sale of Goods on Consignment
General Hold Harmless Agreement
Promoter to Inventor Confidentiality Agreement
Secrecy, Nondisclosure and Confidentiality Agreement by Employee or Consultant to Owner
Consulting Agreement - Services and Deliverables - Detailed
Consulting Agreement - Information Technology - Detailed
Finders Fee Agreement
Business Consultant Agreement Regarding Management and Purchasing Policies
Nonexclusive Agreement between Supplier and Business Consultant
Business Management Consulting or Consultant Services Agreement - Self-Employed
Exclusivity Agreement Between Buyer and Seller
Consultant Agreement to Prepare Financial Report
Agreement for Consulting and Training Services
Notice of Termination of a UCC Sales Agreement for the sale of Goods or Personal Property
Agreement by both Parties to the Termination or Cancellation of a UCC Sales Agreement
Assignment of Contract with Covenant of Assignee to Perform
Agreement with Consultant to Provide Software Support Services
Distribution Agreement
Employment of Consultant or Consulting Agreement with Clauses as to Confidentiality, Covenants not to Compete and Ownership of Inventions
Notice of Exercise of Option to Extend Agreement
Consultant Agreement with Sharing of Software Revenues
Consulting Agreement - Short
Independent Contractor Agreement - For Programming Services
Financial Support Agreement -- Guaranty of Obligation
Self-Employed Independent Contractor Consulting Agreement - Detailed
Confidentiality Agreement for a potential Investor, Partner or Consultant Company
Employment Agreement - Commission for New Business
Personal Guaranty of Corporation Agreement to Pay Consultant
Indemnification Agreement for Litigation
Indemnification Agreement for Personal Property
Change Order by Contractor - Alternative Form
Joint Check Agreement by Contractor
Wedding Planner or Consultant Services Contract
Beauty Consultant Services Contract - Self-Employed
Grievance Pursuant to a Union Contract
Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement - Evaluation Materials
Apprenticeship Agreement to Teach a Certain Trade, Craft, or Skill
Employment Agreement - Long Version - Contract
Employment Agreement - Short Version - Contract
Agreement with an Individual Sales Representative for Referral of Business
Release of Liability for Alleged Breach of Employment Contract by Employer
Trade Secret and Nondisclosure Agreement for a Newly Hired Employee
Company Nondisclosure Agreement - Company to Company
Nondisclosure Agreement - Business Plan
Agreement to Pressure or Power Wash Building
Employment Agreement Between Sales Executive and Company
Employee Confidentiality and Unfair Competition - Noncompetition - Agreement
Agreement to Provide Security Guard Service
Employment Agreement with a Supervisor or Manager of a Business
Employment Agreement with a Residential Construction Manager - Field Supervisor
Confidentiality and Noncompetition Agreement Between Employer and Executive Recruiter
Rototilling or Snow Plowing Agreement
Agreement Between Physician as Self-Employed Independent Contractor and Professional Corporation
Document Shredding and Disposal Services Agreement
Administrative Services Agreement with Physicians
Agreement to Co-Publish Book
Agreement and Release for Working at a Novelty Store - Self-Employed
Agreement with Home Inspector
Agreement to Create and Officiate Personalized Ceremony
Employment Agreement with Purchasing Officer
Agreement for Employment of Landscape Architect as Self-Employed Independent Contractor
Offer and Acceptance of Employment
General Form of Acceptance of Job Offer
Letter From Employee Notifying Employer of Personal Injury Due to Negligence
Agreement to Sponsor Entertainment Event
Agreement to Repair Motor Vehicle
Agreement to Repair Household Furniture and Related Goods
Building Maintenance Service Agreement
Agreement with Garage for Daily Parking and Service to Vehicle
Building Security Services Agreement
Agreement to Provided Armed Guard Escort Service
Bailment Contract Between Employer and Employee Regarding Use of Employer's Equipment in Order to Work at Home
Employment Agreement Between a Bartender - as Self-Employed Independent Contractor - and a Business that Supplies Bartenders to Parties and Special Events
Work Order Invoice and Agreement Between Locksmith and Customer
Agreement of Employee Service Provider to Maintain Workers Compensation Insurance
Employee Invention Agreement
Contract with Self-Employed Independent Contractor with Covenant Not to Compete
Contract with Independent Contractor with Confidentiality Agreement
Cleaning Services Agreement - Self-Employed
Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement - Promoter to Owner
Contract with Independent Contractor with Confidentiality Agreement and Covenant Not to Compete
Real Estate Sales Representative Agreement with Broker
Contract with Consultant as Independent Contractor (with Confidentiality Agreement and Covenant Not to Compete)
Comprehensive Snow Removal Agreement
Home and Commercial Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services Agreement
Hourly Payment Agreement for Virtual Assistant Services - Bookkeeping
Alarm System Sale, Installation and Monitoring Service Agreement
Agreement for Termite Inspection of Improvements and Corrective Work
Agreement to Provide Security, Surveillance and/or Traffic Control Services Security Personnel to be Independent Contractors
Agreement Between Graphic Artist and Magazine
Asbestos Removal and Remediation Agreement
Letter Agreement with Wedding Consultant or Wedding Planner
Business Management Consultant Agreement
Employment Agreement of Part Time Employee
Marketing Consultant Agreement between Purchaser of Business and Former Employee
Agreement with Sales Representative as an Independent Contractor to Make Telephone Sales of Promotional Products - Telemarketing Agreement
Agreement to Manage Painting, Repairs and Plumbing of a Building
Home Builder's Warranty Agreement
Independent Contractor Agreement with Sales Representative with Nondisclosure Agreement
Construction Management Agreement
Agreement with Sales Representative to Sell Contracts for Cleaning Services
Employment Agreement with Restaurant Cook
Maintenance Service Agreement for Rental Properties
Valet Parking Agreement
Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor
Agreement with Mobile Notary Service
Landscaping Agreement to Cut and Remove Foliage, Fill-in Erosion and Related Matters
Plumbing Services Agreement
Weed Spraying Agreement
Building Inspection Agreement
General Form of Inspection and Maintenance Agreement
Agreement to Provide Part-Time Custodial Services to a Church
Snow Plowing Agreement
Employment Agreement
Agreement with Subcontractor to Perform Snow Removal Services
Agreement with Limited Liability Company which Supplies Activity Directors and Companions for Seniors
Employment Agreement with Provisions for Noncompetition, Confidentiality, and Termination on Disability or Discontinuance of Business
Employment Verification Letter or Proof of Employment Letter
Stand Alone Confidentiality and Noncompetition Agreement with Employee
Agreement for Partial Home Staging Service - Rental of Decor and Accessories
Agreement to Service and Repair Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Equipment and/or to do Kitchen Repair and Service
Agreement for Home Staging Services
Agreement Between a Bartender (as an Independent Contractor) and a Business that Supplies Bartenders to Parties and Special Events
Employee Proprietary Rights Acknowledgment
Agreement and Acknowledgement of Obligations to Employer and Customer
Employee Authorship Certificate
Employee Proprietary Rights Assignment and Acknowledgment
Visitor Nondisclosure Agreement
Covenant Not to Compete for a Construction Business - Noncompetition
General Form of Employment Agreement
Employment Statement
Equipment Move Request
Relocation Expense Agreement
Training Expense Agreement
Employment Firm Audit
HIPAA Business Associates Agreement for Telephone Answering Service
HIPAA Employee Confidentiality Agreement
Revocation of Authorization To Use or Disclose Protected Health Information
Authorization to Use or Disclose Protected Health Information
Confirmation of Orally Accepted Employment Offer from Applicant to Company - Exempt or Nonexempt Positions
Employment Agreement to be Signed by Employee regarding employment terms
Self-Employed Independent Contractor Agreement
Confidentiality Statement and Agreement for an Employee
Employee Agreement and Handbook Acknowledgment Form
Agreement Not to Disclose Trade Secrets
General Nondisclosure Agreement
Noncompetition Agreement - Small Business
Architect Contract for Design
Agreement for Accord and Satisfaction of an Undisputed Claim
Consignment Agreement
Contract Assignment
Debt Settlement Agreement
Lease or Rental Agreement of Vending, Game or Entertainment Machines with Option to Purchase and Own - Lease or Rent to Own
Agreement for Exhibition
General Form of Agreement for Sale of Business by Sole Proprietor - Asset Purchase Agreement
Agreement for Sale of Goods Evidenced by Payment
Detailed Personal Property Lease with Option to Purchase
Right of First Refusal to Purchase Real Estate
Agreement for Work Change
Extension of Contract
Checklist for Modifying or Extending and Existing Contract
Conditional Sales Contract
General and Continuing Guaranty and Indemnification Agreement
Indemnification Agreement for Property Survey
Noncompetition Agreement - Business purchase and sale
Release and Settlement Agreement
Noncompetition Agreement after business sale
Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement
Sample Letter for Acceptance of Job Offer - Applicant to Business - Reconfirmation of Agreements
Sample Letter for Agreement - General
Sample Letter for Agreement - Letter of Understanding Regarding Terms of Proposed Contract
Sample Letter for Agreement to Compromise Debt
Sample Letter for Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Letter Agreement Authorizing Advertising Agency to Conduct Direct Mail Advertising Program
Letter Tendering Payment
Letter Tendering Payment in Order to Obtain Release of Mortgaged Premises
Business Letter Offering Representation as General Sales Agent
Sample Letter for Confirmation of Employment - Cites Agreements Made in Interview - Company to Employee
Sample Letter for Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License
Release Agreement in Letter Form of Employer By Employee for Alleged Violations of Fair Employment Practices Statutes with Form for Employee's Acceptance upon Termination of Job or Employment
General Form of Letter Tendering Property in Satisfaction of Agreement
Sample Letter for Property Agreement Settlement - Draft
Sample Letter for Settlement Agreement and Release
Sample Letter for Universal Data Form and Settlement Agreement
Sample Letter for Original Independent Contract Agreement
Sample Letter for Proposed Independent Contract Agreement
Letter Agreement - Art Work Made for Hire - Self-Employed
Sample Letter for Confirmation of Purchase Agreement
Sample Letter for Physician Employment Agreement
Sample Letter of Intent - Franchise Purchase via Stock Purchase
Sample Letter for Persuasion - Suggest a Change in a Contract or Agreement
Separation, Confidentiality, and Noncompetition Agreement and Release Letter for Exiting Employee
Sample Letter for Agreement - Confidential Information
Sample Letter for Agreement of Confidentiality Between Firms
Notice of Unilateral Termination of License Agreement by Licensor
Notice by Assignee of Intent to Perform Duties of Sales Agreement
Sample Letter Regarding Finance Agreement
Sample Letter Regarding Employment Agreement for Limited Task and Waiver of Liability
Sample Letter for Confirmation of Oral Agreement
Sample Letter for Notice of Default in Franchise Agreement
Sample Letter for Disagreement About Benefits
Sample Letter for Cancellation of Subject Deed of Trust
Sample Letter Regarding Modification Agreement
Sample Letter for Violation of Noncompetition Agreement
Sample Letter for Settlement Agreement and Customer Addresses
Sample Letter Regarding Draft of Shareholder's Agreement
Consulting Agreement - Assist Company in Obtaining a Loan
Letter Tendering Payment
General Form of Letter Tendering Property in Satisfaction of Agreement
Agreement to Change or Modify Interest Rate, Maturity Date, and Payment Schedule of Promissory Note Secured by a Deed of Trust
Extension of Loan Closing Date
Request for Extension of Loan Closing Date
Agreement to Extend Debt Payment
Agreement between Mortgage Brokers to Find Acceptable Lender for Client
Agreement to Purchase Note and Mortgage
Agreement to Compromise Debt
Retail Charge Account Agreement Initial Disclosure Statement
Equipment Financing Agreement
Advertising and Marketing Agreement
Agency Agreement - General
Agreement between General Sales Agent and Manufacturer with Exclusive Territory
Assignment of Personal Property with Reference to Former Bill of Sale
General Sales Agency Agreement
Agreement between a Distributor and Sales Representative
Agreement to Order Space for Advertising in a Program for a Season or an Event
Offer to Purchase - Generic
Business Letter Offering Representation as General Sales Agent
Agreement Granting Exclusive License to Sell a Line of Apparel
Purchase Order, Standard
Finders Agreement
Distributorship Agreement with Wholesaler
Self-Employed Independent Contractor Agreement with Sales Representative
Logo Design Agreement
Agreement Between Sales Representative and Magazine to Sell Advertising
Agreement Between Advertiser and Magazine
Checklist for Co-Branding Agreements
Joint Marketing or Co-Branding Agreement
Co-Branding Agreement
Agreement between Website Owner and Sponsor
Website Subscription Agreement
Website Subscription User Agreement - Terms of Use for Website Dealing with Investment Information - For Informational Purposes
Website Subscription User Agreement - Terms of Use for Website Offering Members Opportunity to Sell Products Online
Website Subscription User Agreement - Terms of Use for a Website that Invites Posts and is not Primarily Engaged in the Sales of Products or Services
Agreement Regarding Representations and Warranties for Goods Purchased and to be Re-Sold on Purchaser's Website
Agreement for Sale of Equipment and Related Software
Consignment Agreement Regarding Retail Sales through Internet Website
Agreement for Computer Consulting and Training Services
Contract Between Web Designer and Programmer and Web Design Company
Website Linking Agreement
Internet Use Agreement regarding Internet Cafe
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