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  Business Types and Forms
Business Types and Forms

Before starting a business, you need to decide a business type that is defined in the legal system of your country. You can choose your business to be a corporation, cooperative, Limited Liability Company, partnership, sole trading business, or any other specialized organization. Ensure that the business type you have chosen is in compliance with the rules of your state as your economic success depends on your business type.

• Corporation: It is a separate entity which is incorporated through a registration process and has legal rights and liabilities. The main benefit of forming a corporate organization is the limited liability for its shareholders.

• Limited Liability Company (LLC): It is a new form of business in which the liability of the owner is limited except for the conduct of business, which is legal. The LLC interest of a person is personal property which is transferable.

• Partnership: It is a business type in which two or more persons join to run a business.

• Sole trading Business: It is related to individual ownership and operation of a business.

• Cooperative: These are non-profit community organizations and business entities which are owned and managed by the people who use its services.

In order to run any business smoothly, you require sample business forms at every stage of it. These business forms and documents help you to streamline your business operations.
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