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Company Property Forms Document Templates– Download Agreements

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  Company Property
Return on Investment
Exchange Agreement for Real Estate
Lease for Storage of Goods
Bid form for Construction of Building
Proposal and Acceptance of the Installation of a Sprinkler System
Construction Contract for Repairs
Contractor's Weekly Equipment Summary
Nondisclosure and Commission Agreement Between Business Broker and Prospective Buyer
Equipment Lease - General
Equipment Purchase Agreement
Grant of Photography Concession in Amusement Park, Shopping Mall or a Similar Public Place
Agreement to License Business Trade Name
Waiver of Lien
Construction Contract with Subcontractor
Sound Equipment Rental Agreement (Lease)
Lien Notice
Lease of Fitness Equipment Agreement
Standard Notice of Copyright
Notice of Copyright and Prohibition of Copying without Permission
Notice of Copyright with Express Reservation of Rights and Ban on Reproduction
Acknowledgment of Copyright Regarding Reprint of Quotation
Request by a Nonprofit Organization to Reprint Copyrighted Material
General Form for Verification of Lien Notice
Pre-Lien Notice to Owner of Intention to Claim Mechanic's Lien for Services Provided
Pre-Lien Notice to Owner Regarding Potential Mechanic's Lien for Services to be Provided to General Contractor
General Form of Claim or Notice of Lien By General Contractor
Request By Property Owner for Itemization of Lien Claim
Release of Mechanic's or Construction Lien
Partial Release of Mechanic's or Construction Lien
Certificate of Satisfaction of Mechanic's or Construction Lien
Stop Payment Notice By Subcontractor to the Holder of Construction Project Funds
Notice by Contractor to Claimant of Dispute of Claimant's Claim Described in Stop Notice
Certificate of Satisfaction of Stop Notice Claim or Notice to Withhold Funds
Notice of Contest of Lien
Offer to Purchase Automobile - Selling Car
Automobile Storage Agreement
Authorization of Motor Vehicle Owner for Garage to Make Repairs and Acknowledgment of Lien
Notice of Lien for Motor Vehicle Repairs and of Sale at Public Auction to Satisfy Lien
Assignment of Interest of Seller in a Security Agreement
Construction Contract for New Residential Dwelling
Nondisclosure Agreement for Submitting Ideas
Agreement Not to Disclose Confidential Information
Non-Waiver Agreement between Contractor and Owner Regarding Accepting Late Payments
Bailment Contract between Owner of Equipment - Bailor and Prospective Purchaser - Bailee in Order to Allow Prospective Purchaser to Test Property
Bailment Agreement in Order to Allow Inspection of Property by Purchaser
Sample Letter for Construction Lien Notice
Rental or Bailment of Horse from Riding Stable for Recreational Riding
Proposal and Contract for Construction or Repairs by Contractor - Simple
Release of Lien
Waiver of Lien by Automobile Mechanic
Maintenance Agreement for Heating or Air Conditioning Equipment
Basic Agreement for Sale of Machinery or Equipment
Assignment of Intellectual Property and License Agreement Regarding Prior Business
Assignment of Rights in Invention Prior to Execution of Application
Affidavit of Title Made by Owner Selling Real Property
Stop Work Order Form for Construction on Personal Dwelling
Letter Agreement - Art Work Made for Hire - Self-Employed
Sale of Painting with Reservation of Copyright
Notice of Lien by Owner of Auto Repair Garage and Notice of Sale
Lease of Recreation or Athletic Equipment with Option to Purchase or Rent to Own
Agreement for Sale of Equipment-Disclaimer
Assignment of Property in Attached Schedule
Request for Permission and Agreement Granting Permission to Reprint Copyrighted Material
Assignment of Domain Name in Conjunction with Asset Purchase Agreement
License Agreement with regard to use of Trademark in Connection with a Manufactured Product
Lease of Patented Machinery with License Agreement
Assignment of Rights under License Agreement by Licensee
Notice of Unilateral Termination of License Agreement by Licensor
Sample Letter for Lien Notice
Contract for the Sale of Motor Vehicle - Owner Financed with Provisions for Note and Security Agreement
Sample Letter for Construction Plans
Equipment Inventory List
Sample Letter for Notice of Construction Lien and Lis Pendens Notice
Sample Letter for Construction - Demand to Complete Project
Contractor Equipment Pass
Use of Company Equipment
Motor Vehicle Pool Use and Authorization
Landlord's Waiver of Right to Retain Equipment
Construction Project Information Sheet
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