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Joint Venture Agreement to Develop and to Sell Residential Real Property template - Download from Business Types and Forms-General Partnerships

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A joint venture is very similar to a partnership. In fact, some States treat joint ventures the same as partnerships with regard to partnership statutes such as the Uniform Partnership Act. The main difference between a partnership and a joint venture is that a joint venture usually relates to the pursuit of a single transaction or enterprise even though this may require several years to accomplish. A partnership is generally a continuing or ongoing business or activity. While a partnership may be expressly created for a single transaction, this is very unusual. Most Courts hold that joint ventures are subject to the same principles of law as partnerships. The duties owed by joint venturers to each are the same as those that partners owe to each other. For example, partners have a duty of loyalty to one another, and joint venturers would also have the same duty. If a joint venture is entered into to acquire and develop a certain tract of land, but some of the venturers secretly purchase and develop land in their own names to compete with the joint venture, the other joint venturers may be liable for damages for the breach of this duty of loyalty. A joint venture will last generally as long as stated in the joint venture agreement. If the joint venture agreement is silent on this, it can be terminated by any participant unless it clearly relates to a particular transaction. For example, if a joint venture is created to construct a particular bridge, it will last until the project is completed or becomes impossible to complete because of bankruptcy or some other type situation. With regard to liability to third persons, generally, joint venturers have the same liability as partners in a general partnership.
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