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Landlord Tenant Forms Document Templates– Download Agreements

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Lamdlord Tenant forms are required for leasing out a commercial or residential property. These forms must comply with the state and statuary common laws governing the house renting process. Landlord tenant forms not just make the landlords and tenants aware about their obligations and responsibilities but also help in developing a good relationship between the two.

Some of the general obligations and duties of the landlords are:

To make the rented property habitable for the tenants.

Give a written notice to the tenants, when the ownership of the rented property is transferred to a new landlord.

Repair the wear and tear of property when demanded by the tenants.

Abstain from turning off the gas supply or electricity of the tenant.

Some of the general obligations of tenants are:

Refrain from damaging or destroying the property of landlord.

Pay the rent on time.

Give a prior notice to the landlord before vacating the property.

Avoid bringing the additional occupants without signing a sub lease agreement with the landlord.

The landlord tenant forms are required to follow the proper procedures of renting and help in avoiding the violation of state laws. These forms help both the parties to discharge their responsibilities in a successful way.
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