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Policies and Procedures Forms Document Templates– Download Agreements

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  Policies and Procedures
Deferred Compensation Agreement - Short Form
Deferred Compensation Agreement - Long Form
Certification of Being Under Physician's Care
Employee Agreement - Vacation and Sick Pay
Resignation and Severance Agreement between Employer and Employee
Relocation Agreement between Employer and Employee Regarding Moving Expenses
Equal Employment Opportunity Statement for Personnel or Employee Manual and Complaint Procedure for Allegations of Sexual Harassment - EEOC
Equal Employment Opportunity Statement for Personnel or Employee Manual or Handbook regarding Employees with Disabilities - EEOC
Classification of Employees for Personnel Manual or Employee Handbook regarding Full Time, Part Time, Temporary, Leased, Exempt, and Nonexempt Employees
Family and Medical Leaves of Absence Provisions for Personnel or Employee Manual or Handbook
Confidentiality Agreements - Noncompetition in Employment
Notice of Termination of Agency from Principal to the General Public or a Specific Person
Employment Agreement between Company and Consultant with Confidentiality Agreement
Liquidated Damage Clause in Employment Contract Addressing Breach by Employee
Release Agreement in Letter Form of Employer By Employee for Alleged Violations of Fair Employment Practices Statutes
Personal Day Provision for Personnel or Employee Manual or Handbook
Sick Day Provisions for Personnel or Employee Manual or Handbook
Absenteeism and Tardiness Provisions for Personnel or Employee Manual or Handbook
Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement - General
Notice of Termination Due to Work Rules Violation
Affidavit of Domestic Partnership for Employer in Order to Receive Benefits
Affidavit of Both Domestic Partners to Employer in Order to Receive Benefits
Revocation of HIPAA Authorization
Authorization by Applicant for Employment to Release Information
Exit Procedure Acknowledgment Regarding Proprietary Information
Sales Commission Policy
Daily Time Sheet
Final Warning Before Dismissal
Employment At Will Policy
Employment Exit Checklist
21 Things to do for a Safe Workplace
Business Ethics and Conduct Disclosure Statement
Notice of Job Opening
Medical Care Reimbursement Request - Flexible Benefits Plan
Emergency Action Plan Checklist
Employee Complaint Form
Compensable Work Chart with Explanation
Checklist - Health and Disability Insurance
Worksheet - Contingent Worker
Worksheet - Termination of Employment
Performance Review for Managers
Sample Letter for Drug-Free Workplace
Absence Report
Absence Notice
Accident Policy
Affirmative Action Information Form
Application for Handicap Parking Space
Application for Military Leave - Bank
Application for Leave without Pay for Staff - Management Employees
Charitable Contribution Payroll Deduction Form
Compliance Survey
Compressed Work Week Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Payroll Deduction - Special Services
Dispute Resolution Policy
Domestic Partnership Dependent Certification Form
Dress Code - Uniforms
Drug Testing Policy Disclosure and Consent Form
Employee Coaching Script
Employee Dress Code Policy - General
Goals, Values, and Beliefs Policy
Employee Suggestion Policy
Fair Credit Act Disclosure Notice
Guidelines for Writing Effective Goals
Hand Check Request Form
Health Record Amendment Denial Letter
Inclement Weather Policy
Job Postings Policy
Jury Duty Policy
Letter of Concern
Light Duty Assignment Request
Manager's Pre-Dismissal Checklist
Memorandum to Stop Direct Deposit
Outside Work - Strict Policy
Memorandum - Employment of Relatives in the Same Department
New Media Relations Policy
Notice of Disciplinary Hearing
Notice of Job Assignment and Performance Requirements
Notification of Preferred First Name
Orientation Checklist for Supervisors
Overtime Authorization Form
Paid Time Off Policy - PTO
Pay in Lieu of Notice Guidelines
Payroll Deduction Authorization Form
Performance Test Guidelines
Privacy in the Workplace Policy
Punctuality Policy
Approaches to Recruitment of Individuals with Disabilities
Re-Employment of Veterans
Request for Vacation Extension
Military Leave Policy
Work Rules
Workplace Safety Rules
Seniority Roster Correction Request
Smoking Policy
Stop Annuity Request
Telecommuting Policy
Termination and Severance Pay Policy
Termination of Domestic Partnership
Theft Policy
Tips for Writing Job Descriptions
Cell Phone Policy
Vacation Carryover Request
Holiday Vacation Policy
Vehicle Policy
Work Hours and Reporting Policy
Company Policy on AIDS
Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy
Summary of Rights and Obligations under COBRA
Notification of Review of Consumer Report
FMLA Leave Periodic Status Report
Family and Medical Leave Request Form
Key Employee Notice
Leave Absence Approval Form
Notification of Equal Opportunity Employment to Employment Candidate Provider
FMLA Information Letter to Employee
Employee Rights Under the Family and Medical Leave Act
Request for Accommodation under the ADA
Notification of Workers' Compensation Injury - Illness
Action Plan Worksheet
Request for Extended Personal Leave
Essential Functions Statement
Request for Medical Status Evaluation Under ADA
Affidavit of No Coverage by Another Group Health Plan
COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice
Employee Warning Notice - Unionized Location
Flexible Work Hours Audit
Information for Alternative Method of Counting Creditable Coverage
Exempt Survey
Salary Adjustment Request
Request for New Award
Common Law Spouse or Marriage Declaration or Affidavit
Discrimination Complaint Form for Employee to Employer Company
Worker's Compensation Witness Report
Model Statement of ERISA Rights
Health Information Privacy Complaint Form for filing with HIPAA Privacy Office
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
Model Notice of Blackout Periods under Individual Account Plans
Training and Education Request Form
Request for Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information
Request for Restrictions on Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information
Certificate of Group Health Plan Coverage
Notice of Special Enrollment Rules
New Company Benefit Notice
Anniversary Performance Review
Notice of Subpoena
Job Description Format II
Job Description Format III
Job Description Format IV
Tuition Assistance Request Form
Job Opportunity Notice
Employment Conditions Notice - Notice to Existing Employees of Flexibility in Working Arrangements
Notice of New Employee Orientation
Memo from Employee Requesting Leave
Leave Request - Return From Leave Form
Termination Letter - General
General Separation Notice
Notification of Layoff
General Release for Employment or Job Termination
Termination Letter - Excessive Absenteeism
Termination Letter - Substance Abuse
Separation, Confidentiality, and Noncompetition Agreement and Release
Application for Family Medical Leave of Absence
Report of Occupational Injury or Illness
Accident - Injury Report
Reporting Safety or Health Hazards Policy Notice
Notice of Unsafe or Unhealthful Condition
Performance Goals Summary for Company
Summary of Departmental Goals
Personnel Change Notice
Sample Statement of Employee Goals
Flextime Time Request
Telecommuting Goals
Sample Disciplinary Letter for Excessive Absenteeism - Verbal Warning
Letter for Performance Improvement Plan - Simple
Memo for Attached Performance Improvement Plan - Short
Employee Memo - Need for Improvement
Memo - Follow-up to a Poor Performance Appraisal
Sample Affirmative Action Notice to Applicants and Employees
Planning and Development Review Discussion Guide
Flexible Workplace Policy and Procedure
Flexible Work Arrangement Acknowledgment Form
Employee Performance Review and Development Plan
Wage Withholding Authorization
Workers' Compensation Acknowledgment Form
Direct Deposit Authorization
Vacation Request Form
Sample Letter for Offer of Assistance with Continued Education - Business to Employee
Sample Letter for Holiday Work Schedule
Sample Letter for Termination of Employment or Job
Statements by Employees about Accidents at Shopping Center
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